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4 min readMar 29, 2021
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Passed 12th?! Congratulations!!! Now you have entered the house filled with multiple opportunities. You guessed it right — your college.

From here on, a plethora of chances to strengthen your future and your career. Not to forget, you will get to see the world around you with a new outlook. But I know that you will be wondering why I am here? I am here to let you learn from the experience I have gathered and provide you a journey to success in the tech domain.

There are a lot of roads to travel in the journey which may be smooth or hard, but remember, ultimate success is proportional to the hard work you put in and the decisions you make.

First of all, we should talk about college studies. Fresher and sophomore year of your college can be very scoring if you put your mind into them. Besides extra-curricular activities, you should focus on your CGPA too in these years as most of the companies set a CGPA cut to filter out good students from the crowd, so aim to maintain the CGPA of 8.5 and above to be on the safe side.

Moreover, there are few subjects, which are very important for the interviews like

Design and Analysis of Algorithm (DAA)

● Computer Network (CN)

● Operating System (OS)

● Database Management System (DBMS)

● Software Engineering

Your college will offer you these courses during your third and fourth semesters. Pay attention to them and make notes during lectures.

Now let’s talk about the additional things to crack FAANG.

In the 1st semester, learn any language (C++, Java, Python) and practice it as much as you can.

Do not let failures discourage you. Hard work takes time to bear fruit.

Now in the 2nd and 3rd semesters, learn how to implement the data structures and algorithms based on that language.

You can practice them on any platform like Codechef, Codeforces, Hackerrank, Leetcode, InterviewBit

Tip: A platform that proves to be your constant source of motivation should be your selection, so try each platform for at least 1 week.

In the 4th semester, you should focus on one platform and should make a good profile to showcase on your resume. Rather than focusing on learning everything, sharpen all that you have learned.

There are many domains you will be introduced to — Web Development, App Development, Artificial Intelligence to name a few. Attend webinars, surf the net and learn more about them. In these two years, you will find yourself leaning towards some of them.

Hackathons are great. Not only will you get to make great projects but also get to showcase your team spirit and leadership qualities. This enhances your profile. Till now you are good at Data Structures and Development part and now you reached the second-to-last step, you guess right, your 3rd year.

Now from this step, you should start focusing on making projects (in any field: IoT, Machine Learning, Web Development, Android Development) and start collaborating on Github with your friends or colleagues.

Start grabbing internship opportunities that will help you gain a company-like experience. During the 3rd year, spend at least 1 hour daily in coding to brush up your coding skills, so that you can be familiar with all the concepts.

Finally, in your 4th year, you are ready with your equipment to compete and gain a job in your desired company. You are good at coding, you have participated in multiple competitions, hackathons, and last but not the least, you are ready with your projects too. If you have worked religiously towards these things, then no one can stop you to get a job in any good company.

Now there are multiple roads that originate from this road like starting your own startup, which will also take you to the greater heights, with proportionality to your hard work.

More time and efforts you invest, sweeter will be the fruit of success and this implies on each and every field. If your mind gets diverted from placement to M.Tech, then you can also prepare for GATE exams with ease, because you have already prepared for your placements, thus you have to apply very little effort to get a good rank in the GATE examination.


❖ Start preparing your resume from 1st semester.

❖ Along with your profile, make the LinkedIn profile too along with your journey, as this helps you track your achievements.

❖ Write only true things in your resume, because no company wants to take clients who are not truthful to their jobs.

GeeksforGeeks is the most followed website for tech problems.

❖ With the starting step to coding, I would prefer you to take the paid offline course rather than the free online because this makes you consistent for your coding and sets deadlines.

❖ Practicing coding with the time constraint, helps you keep track of time efficiently at the time of actual competition.

❖ Prepare a question bank of the most important and conceptual coding questions.

❖ Make short notes of the most difficult questions, as this will help you brush up your conceptual concepts on the day or two before the interview.

❖ Don’t miss any opportunity until or unless it is deviating you from your goal.


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